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Smile Design Boutique’s Promise

Our Patients results and cases speak for us…

An unique methodology 3D smile design to fix it once and forever.
Enjoy a personalized experience that fixes all your dental issues in one go.

Reinventing the dentist experience

A soothing caring place where patient care and empathy take a predominant role to make your experience a unique one. Human warmth, comprehension and technology united to achieve the best results possible.

Your feelings matter!

Discover what can we do when you feel like this…

I don’t like my smile
I think my teeths are missaligned
I am too scared of the dentist!
...and how do you feel?
I am not confident smiling
I have recurring infections
I don’t like the color of my teeth
I have an extreme sensitivity

One Clinic, All Specialties

We wish to transform the way you feel about the dentist. Having a healthy, functional and beautiful smile is possible without suffering pain and long waiting periods. Our team of specialists will take care of all your needs once and for all.

Veneers - Cosmetic dentistry
Veneers are an excellent alternative to traditional braces. They’re designed to mask imperfections, & provide you with a perfect smile.
Ortho Studio - Invisalign
It’s a safe and discreet way to restore your smile. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is invisible, removable and 2 X faster.
Implant Studio
Dental implants & Surgery
Our expertise & advanced 3D technology leads to a perfect smile. That’s why we have a specialised studio for implants.
Hygiene & Bleaching
Maintaining your teeth clean and your gums strong and healthy is easy to achieve nowadays.
Dental Pain
For those moments of pain, when you need us the most, we are here. Immediate appointments are always planned into the agenda.
Prevent & Protect
Our specialists focus on effective management and prevention of periodontal diseases and infections. Guard your smile against future issues.

A holistic approach

The experience behind unique smile designs

Digital planning
Treatment plan
Your smile forever

Full digital & photo-video documentation

Every treatment starts with a comprehensive documentation apointment with our team of experts.
The overall appoinment will take 3 steps:

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is where the magic happens! This cutting edge technology integrates precision and artistry into dental aesthetics. By harnessing advanced technology, we meticulously analyze factors such as symmetry, the golden ratio, and biological function.

This allows us to create a perfect smile for you that not only enhances the visual appeal of your smile but also considers the intricate relationship between dental biology and overall aesthetics.

After the Digital Smile Design process is complete, our patients have the opportunity to see the meticulously crafted design, often trying it out with a mock-up before ultimately confirming the final design. This ensures that every aspect aligns with their vision before commencing with the treatment, guaranteeing a result that exceeds expectations.

Multidisciplinary Treatment plan

Our comprehensive treatment plan, post Digital Smile Design stage, is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Drawing on a multidisciplinary approach, our team of highly skilled specialists collaboratively fine-tunes the details outlined in the DSD.

Each specialist brings their unique expertise to the table, ensuring that every facet of the treatment is meticulously addressed. From prosthodontists specializing in restorations to periodontists focused on gum health, our dedicated professionals work in harmony to craft a tailored plan that optimizes both aesthetics and function.

This collaborative effort guarantees that our patients receive the highest level of care, resulting in a smile that not only looks exceptional but also functions flawlessly.

Your smile forever

With every detail meticulously planned in your treatment, a flawless design, and our state-of-the-art clinic, our dedicated patient relations coordinators are here to guide you every step of the way. Your preferences and schedule are our top priorities.

Throughout your smile transformation journey, we’re committed to providing you with an exceptional experience. And once your radiant smile is complete, you become a cherished member of our dental family. We look forward to welcoming you back for regular maintenance and hygiene, ensuring your smile remains as vibrant as ever!

Play Video about Invisalign treatment in progress at Smile Design Boutique.

The team behind your smile

We wake up every day to bring a smile to your face. Meet the team that is going to change your smile

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