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Periodontal disease is a condition that affects gums. It is an infectious, chronic gum problem of lengthy evolution and causes the loss of teeth’s bone support. This disease is also known as pyorrhea or gum disease.

The problem originates with plaque which if not removed correctly, with daily brushing and flossing, turns into tartar. Once reaching this point brushing is no longer effective and only a professional dental cleaning can remove the tartar.

At Smile Design Boutique we apply preventive measures in order to anticipate future periodontal problems.


Symptoms of periodontal disease

  • Constant bad breath
  • Gums become soft, inflamed and acquire a red colour.
  • Bleeding as a result of brushing or flossing.
  • Gums detach from the teeth, leaving a space between them.
  • Pus appears between the gum and tooth.
  • There is a change in the way partial dentures fit.

Stages of periondontal disease

This is the least severe form of periodontal disease. In this stage gums become red, inflamed and bleed easily. Usually these symptoms are accompanied by little discomfort therefor the patient does not seek help. This provokes a worsening of the condition. Gingivitis is curable if treated by a professional and if the patient follows the dentist’s guidelines of proper dental care at home.

Mild periodontitis
If gingivitis is not treated, this gum disease may result in periodontitis. In this stage, the disease begins to destroy the bone and gum tissue which support the tooth.
Severe periodontitis: Severe periodontitis sets in if the first stages of this disease are not treated. This is the most advanced form of the disease in which extensive bone and tissue loss occurs.

In our dental clinic
in the following way:

Study phase:
We carry out a personalized treatment plan using the latest techniques:

  • Periodontal probing using digitalized probes (Sonda Florida)
  • 3D Radiology study
  • Microbiologic and genetic study (Periodector)

Basic phase:
Elimination of plaque and tartar:

  • Plaque control
  • Root scaling and planning
  • Air polishing system using water and bicarbonate soda
  • Oral hygiene education

Surgical phase:

Only in very advanced cases is basic, regenerative and aesthetic periodontal surgery performed.

In order to avoid discomfort, non-invasive techniques are used to handle pain.

Information: Periodontal surgery is necessary when, after the basic phase, tissue that surrounds teeth presents an unhealthy appearance. Your periodontologist will be able to determine when surgery is necessary. On some occasions, the patient may present aesthetic alterations and/or local recessions (exposed root) in some teeth and this can be treated successfully with aesthetic periodontal surgery. Aesthetic periodontal surgery includes diverse procedures that help maintain a harmonious smile and improve gingival aesthetics.

In our dental clinic
in the following way:

Once treatment has ended, the frequency of necessary periodontal check-ups to maintain the achieved results will be indicated by your periodontologist.

Once the first stage of periodontal treatment has been completed and when the specialist has decided that the disease is under control, a regimen of periodic visits will be established. Maintenance is a fundamental stage of periodontal treatment and it is the only way to control periodontal disease over a long period of time due to the possibility of reoccurrence.

In each maintenance visit, your dental hygienist carries out:

  • Verification of the clinical situation of each tooth.
  • Verification of the clinical situation of each tooth.
  • Evaluation of your oral hygiene and elimination of any tartar that has formed.

Frequency of these visits will be established by your periodontologist based on the individual needs of each particular case; however, they are usually every 3 to 6 months.

Periodontal maintenance, which is NOT a dental cleaning, is an individualized medical treatment according to the situation of each patient.


Our Team of Periodontology

Dr. Eduardo de la Torre
Clinical coordinator
Esthetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Smile Designer.

Dr. Stefano Tammaro
Periodontist and Oral Surgery

Case Studies

"A good doctor treats the disease.
A great doctor treats the patient."
Sir William Osler

Adrian teeth were damaged by advanced carries. This medical and aesthetic problem was a major handicap in his social relationships. After extensive care and with the use of digital smile design, Adrian's smile has returned to its beautiful shape. This has given him more confidence and now he can enjoy even more every moment of his personal and professional life.


Agnes had an accident when she was a child and her two incisors were pushed back. Decided to solve this problem, she contacted Smile Design Boutique. After thorough examinations, and using to the Digital Smile Design process, we created for Agnes a new smile. This was achieved by dental surgery and by the placement of implants, dental crowns and veneers.

Mr. Pomazanov

Mr. Pomazanov came to use unhappy with the appearance of his smile due to old unaesthetic restorations. We planned the case using DSD protocols, implants and crowns over implants for the missing teeth, crowns and veneers. The bottom anterior sector was treated with composite injected technique to finalise his complete oral rehabilitation.


Not happy with his smile Louis came to use looking for a solution. Planning his case with Digital Smile Design we treated with implants, aesthetic crowns and veneers. A full mouth rehabilitation that has given back to Louis not only his smile and correct function, but also his confidence when smiling to the world.


Lydia works as a professional model and even though her smile was already beautiful , she felt it could be better. Small changes achieved through digital planification and micro-veneers for a beautiful and more harmonious result. Minimal invasive dentistry is our goal where clinical excellence is never negotiable.


A very complex case where a multidisciplinary approach was vital for it´s success. Vertical dimension was restored with provisionals de-programing his bite. Implants and crowns for his missing teeth. The final aesthetic result was done with a combination of crowns and veneers to give him back a healthy, rejuvenated and stylish new smile.


Our blogger friend Claudia was not comfortable smiling. We used Digital Smile Design and Invisalign to correct her smile and finished the case with porcelain veneers on the top and a dental bleaching for the bottom. Giving our patients the ability to express their emotions with a big smile makes our job so much more rewarding.

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"Hello, I’m Laura and I am here to help you. You can make an appointment by answering these questions or by calling us on +41 22 700 20 20"
"Hello, I’m Laura and I am here to help you. You can make an appointment by answering these questions or by calling us on
+41 22 700 20 20"