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This is an intervention with local anaesthesia that can only be performed by a specialist in dental implants. At Smile Design Boutique dental clinic, not only do we count on implantologists of the highest level, but we use superior material to guarantee success.

We plan all of our cases with 3D Digital Smile Design and 3D Radiology. All our interventions are performed using digitally created surgical guides, to ensure optimal results in placing the implants and minimally invasive surgical interventions.

We work closely with the most prestigious dental implant companies and our specialists collaborate intimately with them as key opinion leaders in the sector. Many of our cases are used as examples in the dental industry to show the correct way to utilise the implants for beautiful and long-lasting results. 

Soft implantology


What are dental implants?
Dental implants are the most effective solution for the loss of one or various teeth. By definition, dental implants are artificial titanium roots that can substitute one, several or even all of your teeth.

When are dental implants necessary?
Using dental implants is a convenient way to renew teeth that have deteriorated. How is it done and what materials are used? Titanium, resistant and perfectly adaptable to the jaw, is the most commonly used material in dental implants.
Dentistry has revolutionized over the past 40 years, but it has been demonstrated that implants existed in antiquity proving it to be an effective way to replace lost teeth. The number of people who use implants increases daily with a 98% success rate, proving their viability.
Implants are surgically placed in the upper or lower jaw where they serve as a solid base to support the crown or prosthesis, thus replacing the lost tooth.
One of the benefits of dental implants is that they last for a very long time if proper oral hygiene is observed; it is even possible that they will last your entire life. Implants, which provide a lovely smile and eliminate bad breath, are considered an excellent option for restoring damaged teeth.

Is surgery complicated?
It is a simple, routine operation using local anesthesia and can only be carried out by a specialist in dental implants. Smile Design Boutique dental clinicl has excellent implantologists on their team.

What is postoperative recovery like?
Smile Design Boutique dental clinic relies on the most recent advances in computerized implantology, allowing us to minimize the surgery’s invasiveness and provide an excellent postoperative recovery without discomfort.

What is immediate implantology like? Implants and teeth in the same day?
Within the first 24 hours after inserting the implant, the patient is given a provisional prosthesis which is completely fixed to the implant. On some occasions, the patient’s definitive prosthesis can be available within this time period.

Is rejection possible?
Smile Design Boutique dental clinic has achieved a very high percentage of implant success thanks to the newly designed and treated implants and the professionals who carry out the work.

What are non-surgical implants?
Thanks to techniques such as bone tissue mapping and, more recently, the appearance of computerized implantology, it is possible to insert implants without opening the gum.

Are implants possible in patients of all ages?
Implants are available to teenagers once they have fully developed: for females this is usually anytime after 16 years of age and for males, 18 years of age. In adults, there are no significant drawbacks on the grounds of age.

What happens when the patient has very little bone in the affected area?
In the most extreme cases where there is not enough bone to insert the implant, a series of 3D bone augmentation techniques are applied aimed at restoring the correct anatomy for receiving the insertion of the dental implant.

Implants: Are they the best solution?
To date, implants are the best solution for replacing missing teeth. The treatment is convenient and lasting and, without a doubt, no other treatment offers a replacement more similar to that of a natural tooth.

Missing teeth?
In this case, an implant is substituted for each tooth or, depending on the number of missing teeth, a fewer number of implants can be used, employing bridges attached to the implants.
This is by far the most reliable and predictable long-term option for the replacement of missing teeth. The prosthesis is attached to implants once the period of osseointegration has passed. Another option is to attach the prosthesis to provisional teeth, immediately after the implants. In cases where there is a missing front tooth, this option does not compromise the aesthetics or function of the patient’s mouth at any time.
Dentures or over-dentures can be attached to anywhere from two to four implants which act as a fixed set of teeth, but can be easily removed for cleaning. This option is especially suitable for older patients who have a high level of loss in bone and lip support.
A fixed prosthesis, called hybrid prosthesis and made of resistant resin, can be attached to between five and six implants. This allows for the replacement of all missing teeth and recuperates the patient’s lip support. This option is recommended for middle-aged patients with bone and lip support loss.

Our implantology team

Dr. Eduardo de la Torre
Clinical coordinator
Esthetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Smile Designer.

Dr. Stefano Tammaro
Periodontist and Oral Surgery

Dr. Manuel Nuñez
Esthetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Smile Designer and Implantology

Case Studies

"A good doctor treats the disease.
A great doctor treats the patient."
Sir William Osler

Adrian teeth were damaged by advanced carries. This medical and aesthetic problem was a major handicap in his social relationships. After extensive care and with the use of digital smile design, Adrian's smile has returned to its beautiful shape. This has given him more confidence and now he can enjoy even more every moment of his personal and professional life.


Agnes had an accident when she was a child and her two incisors were pushed back. Decided to solve this problem, she contacted Smile Design Boutique. After thorough examinations, and using to the Digital Smile Design process, we created for Agnes a new smile. This was achieved by dental surgery and by the placement of implants, dental crowns and veneers.

Mr. Pomazanov

Mr. Pomazanov came to use unhappy with the appearance of his smile due to old unaesthetic restorations. We planned the case using DSD protocols, implants and crowns over implants for the missing teeth, crowns and veneers. The bottom anterior sector was treated with composite injected technique to finalise his complete oral rehabilitation.


Not happy with his smile Louis came to use looking for a solution. Planning his case with Digital Smile Design we treated with implants, aesthetic crowns and veneers. A full mouth rehabilitation that has given back to Louis not only his smile and correct function, but also his confidence when smiling to the world.


Lydia works as a professional model and even though her smile was already beautiful , she felt it could be better. Small changes achieved through digital planification and micro-veneers for a beautiful and more harmonious result. Minimal invasive dentistry is our goal where clinical excellence is never negotiable.


A very complex case where a multidisciplinary approach was vital for it´s success. Vertical dimension was restored with provisionals de-programing his bite. Implants and crowns for his missing teeth. The final aesthetic result was done with a combination of crowns and veneers to give him back a healthy, rejuvenated and stylish new smile.


Our blogger friend Claudia was not comfortable smiling. We used Digital Smile Design and Invisalign to correct her smile and finished the case with porcelain veneers on the top and a dental bleaching for the bottom. Giving our patients the ability to express their emotions with a big smile makes our job so much more rewarding.

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"Hello, I’m Laura and I am here to help you. You can make an appointment by answering these questions or by calling us on +41 22 700 20 20"
"Hello, I’m Laura and I am here to help you. You can make an appointment by answering these questions or by calling us on
+41 22 700 20 20"